About Us

Eco Paints Private Limited have been joyously painting people’s
lives for more than 35 years, yet it feels like we have just emerged yesterday.
It is our thirst for customer satisfaction and happiness that
drives us being beyond the ordinary. Especially crafted for our
valuable Indian customers, we have developed a range of
quality products that are not only superior in terms of quality but
also in terms of price. At Eco Paints Private Limited,
we never miss an opportunity to amaze our valuable customers
with our well-tested and well-trusted products.


At Eco Paints Private Limited, we always enforce best manufacturing practices;
not only because they are the prerequisite for quality products but also
they have been our prime focus since we started our first production.
We have been using state of the art methodology, equipment and
workforce to manufacture premium quality product


For Eco Paints Private Limited, each day has been a challenging yet glamorous. We have been improving ourselves since we established a foundation stone of the company. We envision us as a world renowned entity that puts its customers to the forefront. In upcoming years, we will try everything in our capacity to become a trusted and customer oriented entity. Furthermore, Eco Paints Private Limited will also try its best to make the production sustainable and eco-friendly because as our name suggests, we will never consider ourselves as an entity that is interested in growing at the cost of the environment.


Quality, Integrity and Superiority are three foundations of Eco Paints Private Limited. Through research, experience and innovations, we at Eco Paints Private Limited will consistently engage us to provide quality products at exceptional prices. Through valuable feedbacks, suggestions and our continuous market explorations we will never leave any stone unturned in bringing innovative and efficient products to the market


“When we run too fast, the quality gets compromised.”
We never rush and we take our adequate time in order to
manufacture quality products. At Eco Paints Private Limited,
we take full precautions to maintain the quality of each and
every batch that comes out of the packaging line.
With stringent quality control and quality assurance measures,
Eco Paints Private Limited make sure that the quality of the
product remains at its best.